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Even individuals with substantial wealth face situations where easily gaining access to millions of dollars of short-term capital in a few days can be a major challenge.

Innovative Solutions

Often times, traditional forms of financing are too slow, burdensome and invasive, or have negative tax or other consequences that make them less than ideal or unviable choices, particularly when time is a factor.

Family Office Backing

Luxury Asset Capital is backed by a multi-billion dollar family office in the New York metropolitan area, and is built to help high-net-worth individuals and families overcome this challenge.

Smooth and Simple

Doing business with us is straightforward and discreet, requiring little paperwork, typically no credit checks, virtually no personal or business information and no waiting period.

Value Based Lending

Our sole determination for the amount of capital we can provide is the value of the asset(s) we secure as loan collateral.


Our Process

Contact us by phone in our Denver office at 720.230.0820, our New York office at 212.776.1020 or email at info@luxuryassetcapital.com to discuss how much capital you need, your required timeframe for getting it, and the luxury assets you have available to use as collateral.

We will arrange an evaluation of your assets and provide capital based on a loan to value (LTV) ratio of typically 50-70% of its current market value. Upon execution, we take possession of the asset (or in some cases just the title and we store the asset, or become a lienholder) and wire the capital.

We accept a wide range of assets as loan collateral, including:

  • Luxury Cars
  • High-end Watches
  • Diamonds
  • Luxury Handbags and Accessories
  • Jewelry and Precious Metals
  • High-value Collectables and Auction Items
  • Real Estate (in specific situations)

Any assets we take possession of are stored in secure locations with the utmost care and privacy. We charge fees from 1.5% per month based on the asset type, loan amount and term of the loan requested by our clients. Upon repayment of the principal loan and any outstanding monthly fees, we return the asset or can maintain storage until clients decide to draw capital again.



The Luxury Asset Capital™ Sports & Entertainment Group works exclusively with athletes, entertainers, and their trusted advisors to provide short term capital from approximately $50,000 to $5 million in a few days using a professional athlete’s or entertainer’s luxury assets as collateral.

In conjunction with the CEO, Sports & Entertainment is run by leading media, entertainment and sports attorney Sandy Fox, who is the Executive Vice President of the Sports & Entertainment Group.

"Even individuals with substantial wealth and earnings face situations where easily gaining access to substantial amounts of short-term capital in a few days can be a major challenge, and we specialize in helping athletes and entertainers overcome that challenge," says Dewey Burke, CEO of Luxury Asset Capital. “Sandy Fox is among the most knowledgeable people in the sports and entertainment world regarding the unique pressures professional athletes and entertainers face, and the most trusted. He is uniquely positioned to deliver the value of Luxury Asset Capital’s short-term liquidity solutions to the community of current and former athletes and entertainers that he knows so well.”

The demands on the time, resources, and finances of athletes and entertainers is significant. Opportunities and challenges can arise at any time, and the funds required to successfully handle them may not be immediately available. Typical situations include financing luxury purchases, investments, relocation expenses, assisting family members with expenses, or unexpected costs ranging from taxes to medical bills. The Luxury Asset Capital Sports & Entertainment Group makes it easy to obtain $50,000 to $5 million or more within days through loans that typically range from 4-6 months but can be longer, until cash flow is restored or longer-term financing is arranged.

For more information please contact us at info@luxuryassetcapital.com or 720.230.0820.


WatchBox Introduces Specialty Financial Services Through Partnership with Luxury Asset Capital

Global pre-owned watch platform’s service offerings include buying, selling, trading, and now borrowing against the value of pre-owned luxury timepieces

Philadelphia, PA; Denver, CO (December 5, 2018) – WatchBox, the leading global platform for the buying, selling, and trading of pre-owned luxury timepieces, and Luxury Asset Capital, a leader in the alternative financing market, today announced a specialty financial services partnership that enables WatchBox’s clients to quickly access capital backed by luxury timepieces or other luxury assets held as loan collateral by Luxury Asset Capital.

WatchBox has achieved global recognition for its trustworthy, easily accessible, and efficient solution for monetizing pre-owned watches. While many parallels can be drawn between collectible art and fine watches, auction houses and financial institutions alike have long offered financial services for the art market, while the watch market has historically not had the transparency nor liquidity to support comparable services. WatchBox and Luxury Asset Capital’s specialty financial services enable clients to realize a broader range of options for their timepieces.

“Our strategy at WatchBox is to deliver a full suite of services for the luxury watch buyer and collector,” said David Kaplan, Chief Marketing Officer for WatchBox. “We buy, sell, and trade thousands of watches every year. Our partnership with Luxury Asset Capital allows clients to tap into the equity of their luxury assets without forfeiting ownership or future appreciation.”

The financial services offered in partnership with Luxury Asset Capital represent another avenue to ‘unlock’ the value in one’s personal watch collection. “At Luxury Asset Capital, we enable clients to quickly and easily borrow against their past purchases, instead of leveraging their future by selling stocks or other securities,” added Dewey Burke, President and CEO of Luxury Asset Capital. “There is a natural fit between Luxury Asset Capital and WatchBox. Luxury watches are consistently among the most popular assets our clients use as loan collateral because they retain so much of their value, and thanks to companies such as WatchBox, enjoy a vibrant secondary market.”

We buy, sell, and trade thousands of watches every year. Our partnership with Luxury Asset Capital enables our clients to quickly tap into the equity of their luxury assets for immediate cash needs without forfeiting ownership or future appreciation.
— David Kaplan,
Chief Marketing Officer | WatchBox


Luxury Asset Capital & WatchBox

Prospective clients initiate the loan process through an inquiry on WatchBox’s website, similar to the process of selling one’s watch. After receiving a loan quote from Luxury Asset Capital, the client receives free insured shipping to Luxury Asset Capital’s secure facility.

Upon inspection of the watch, Luxury Asset Capital offers financing in amounts up to USD 5 million. Funds can be wired immediately upon agreement of loan terms, and owners can redeem their collateral – watches or other luxury goods – at any time by paying off the loan principal plus service fees incurred.



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WatchBox, the Philadelphia-based e-commerce platform for buying, selling, and trading pre-owned luxury watches has partnered with alternative financing specialist Luxury Asset Capital to offer fast cash to watch owners who wish to unlock the value of their collections rather than seek traditional lines of credit. Occasionally, even wealthy individuals need quick cash infusions to cover financial obligations, such as tax bills, margin calls, closing short-fuse business opportunities, or even retaining a top divorce attorney...

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WatchBox has partnered with Luxury Asset Capital to provide specialty financial services to enable its clients quick access to capital. The capital will be backed by luxury timepieces or other luxury assets held as loan collateral by Luxury Asset Capital. WatchBox hopes the move can allow its customers to realise a broader range of options for their timepieces. Chief marketing officer for WatchBox, David Kaplan, said: “Our strategy at WatchBox is to deliver a full suite of services for the luxury watch buyer and collector...

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